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Lexagri is an independent company operating in the AgTech industry. It is specialized in the management, harmonization, structuring and distribution of reference data (regulatory, security, maximum residue levels, storage, logistics, agronomic, ...) on agricultural inputs to feed the digital tools of national and international players and for international analysis.

Our mission: “Making available data from different sources accessible”

Collecting regulatory information on inputs in more than 90 countries forces Lexagri to ensure constant monitoring to guarantee optimal quality for all actors in the supply chains. Lexagri contributes, to its measure, to reducing the environmental and health impact caused by non-compliance with regulations and agricultural good practices, but also so that intermediate and global organizations can ensure food safety is maintained in the food chain production.

The quality

Lexagri follows the needs of its customers and continues to improve its information collection processes and its distribution format.
Lexagri, always keen to satisfy its customers, implements various means in order to achieve this, particularly in the form of customer surveys, indicators, etc.
The data is provided by a team of specialists in agriculture and information technology that guarantees a high quality of service.
The company also undertakes to satisfy the requirements of relevant interested parties as well as the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its products.


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Lexagri grows by joining forces to become international.

- Make existing information, from several sources, available through standardization and information and communication technologies.
- To be the global reference in the field of information processing concerning crop protection and agriculture.
- To be a reliable partner for the treatment of confidential data.
- Being committed to providing its customers with a high quality service with the aim of providing access to information at any time in any form.
- Be specialized in repetitive work that many companies do not like to do but which requires know-how.
- Be committed to the highest standards in terms of data security.
- Refrain from selling market information to its clients in order to avoid any conflict of interest with data providers.

- The means to achieve these ends are: qualified and highly motivated employee; good continuing education; good communication; a good working atmosphere; everyone is prepared to perform any task, there is no task for which an employee is too qualified.
- Follow a quality policy with: management's commitment to meet applicable requirements; commitment to improving the quality management system.
- Follow a personnel policy: equality at the level of religions, origins, sexual orientations; equality between women and men, same pay for comparable work; excellent working conditions (working hours, working environment); provision of training; prohibition of child labor; setting up information against harassment.
- Follow an environmental responsibility policy: reduction of the use of disposable items, reuse of paper, reduction of document printing and promotion of the recycling of paper, cardboard, bottles, plastics; mastery of transport economics with preference for public transport; control of office energy consumption.
- Follow a business ethics policy: refuse any commercial action of an anti-competitive or corruptive nature; monitor information management in accordance with the GDPR law; help research and student training by providing access to data at subsidized prices and follow GODAN principles.